Survivor finally blindsides the Mastermind

Survivor finally blindsides the Mastermind

It was a long time coming but finally, the mastermind of Vavau has been taken out.

After “kidnapping” Sue from Vavau at last night’s Tribal Council, Brooke surprised the Saanapu camp with their newest tribe member.

Although she was flattered to have been selected, Sue also suspected that she was chosen as an easy target for a future Tribal Council.

Wanting to prove her value, Sue was determined to bring her best game to the next Immunity Challenge.

While the majority of the Saanapu tribe welcomed Sue with open arms, Nick was not feeling hospitable. Still seething over Sue’s attempted blindside of him earlier in the competition, Nick confronted her to get answers.

Receiving no apology from Sue, an angry Nick planned to get revenge on Sue at the next Tribal Council.

Having orchestrating several successful eliminations and playing two Immunity Idols, Phoebe believed she was in full control of the game at Vavau.

Although Kristie narrowly escaped elimination at the  last Tribal Council, Phoebe was gunning for her to leave next.

In the  Immunity Challenge, members of each tribes had to swing around posts before making their way across an obstacle course of a swinging beam and stepping posts to reach a puzzle station. Along with immunity, a reward prize of bacon and egg rolls, ham and cheese toasties, hash browns and hot coffee was up for grabs.

Starting with a stronger lead, Vavau fell foul to Saanapu’s impressive puzzle skills and were soon headed for their seventh consecutive Tribal Council.

Phoebe got to work to try and ensure that tonight’s vote played out in her favour. Determined to keep her friends close and her enemies closer, Phoebe tried to convince Kristie that she would be safe at Tribal Council.

A suspicious Kristie approached Kate, who revealed Phoebe’s plot to vote her out of the game. Realising she was being played, Kristie set out to beat Phoebe at her own game. After flipping Kate onto her side, Kristie got to work swaying Conner to vote Phoebe out.

With no allies or no Immunity Idol to play at Tribal Council, Phoebe received the most votes and was sent packing.

On her departure, the criminal cartel lawyer told her tribe mates: “Well done guys. Good luck”.



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