Survivor dramatic tribal council

Last night was the beginning of the end of Survivor as it served up a huge dose of karma and a truth bomb filled tribal council.

The members of the core alliance were thrilled when they returned to camp following Kylie’s elimination. The plan to blindside her had worked seamlessly and they once again held the majority within the tribe.


Frustrated at the dominance of the “Power Trio” of Brooke, El and Flick, Jennah-Louise set about trying to convince Matt that he would be next on the chopping block.

Despite this news, Matt trusted in his alliance with the girls and immediately ran to Brooke to tell her what Jennah-Louise had said. That put a target on Jennah-Louise’s back and the alliance named her as the next to go.


The Reward Challenge required two teams of four to catch balls in a net fired from a slingshot. The first team to catch five balls won the reward of a roast lamb lunch.

The teams were randomly drawn from a bag. Lee, Brooke, Sam and El were on the same team and decimated their opponents in a quick win. Sue was not selected for a team and got to join the winners for the reward.

Back at camp, Jennah-Louise noticed that Brooke, El, and Flick were ignoring her and sensed that Matt had told them what she had said. Anticipating she would be the next to go, she was determined to win the Immunity Challenge to save herself.

The Immunity Challenge required each contestant to stand on their toes while balancing a wooden block on their heads. This test of strength and endurance immediately brought some players unstuck and they dropped out of the challenge quickly. In the end, it was Jennah-Louise who remained standing and won the Immunity necklace for the second consecutive time.

With Jennah-Louise now safe, tension at camp intensified as the gameplay stepped up a notch.

Despite this, the “Power Trio” still called the shots and instructed the alliance to split the votes between Sue and Kristie, with Sue to receive the majority.

At Tribal Council, Jennah-Louise sat comfortably, safe in the knowledge she would not be going home. She did take the opportunity to highlight again that Matt’s devotion the “Power Trio” would eventually backfire on him.

Sue jumped in on the discussion to support Jennah-Louise in exposing the “Power Trio” and even named the hierarchy of players from top to bottom. Tension reached fever pitch as Flick and Brooke tried to defend their position at the top of the tribe.

The votes were cast and they played out exactly as Brooke, El and Flick had ordered. The alliance votes were split between Sue and Kristie, and Sue was sent home.

After her torch was snuffed out, Sue said of the alliance: “I can’t wait to sit on that jury bench and watch it all implode. I’m really looking forward to that.”