Survivor delivers another blindside

Things are definitely heating up on Survivor and last night was no exception.

After nearly two weeks on the island, Samatau were feeling the effects of the first big blindside at Tribal Council. After being on the bottom of the tribe for too long, A.K. made a big move, blindsiding Aimee to take control of the tribe.

Caught in the blindside, and left tumbling from top to bottom, were Locky, Tara and Anneliese. Back at camp, Tara made her feelings known to the tribe as she unleashed her fury at A.K. He took it in his stride and revelled in his new power.

Over at Asaga, camp life was much more subdued. Having avoided another Tribal Council, the tribe were busy forming friendships and getting to know each other. All except for Henry. Wanting to make some moves, he planned to throw a challenge and get rid of Sam, his biggest threat on the island.

An elated Samatau tribe headed back to camp to devour a decadent BBQ feast, topped off with lamingtons and beer.
At the reward challenge, Samatau put their differences aside to beat Asaga in a test of trust and precision. Balancing precariously on a beam suspended over water, each tribe member had to pass by the rest of the tribe from one end of the beam to the other, without falling.

Asaga returned home empty handed for an afternoon of fishing. A reef fishing expedition almost turned to disaster when Sam got caught in a dangerous rip. Luke and Mark rushed to her aid and walked her to shore in a very close call.

The next day, with immunity up for grabs, Samatau and Asaga faced a gruelling water based obstacle course followed by a  vertical puzzle. Henry seized the opportunity to take on the puzzle for his tribe and unceremoniously lost the challenge for his crew.

For Henry, the decision to vote for Sam was easy. But back at camp he had to make her feel safe and recruit some allies to join his plight. Mark was his biggest challenge and as he began his mission, Mark began to sense that something wasn’t right.

As they arrived at Tribal Council no one was 100 per cent sure which way the vote would go. As Jonathan read out the votes, it became clear that Henry’s plan would be successful.

With the votes split 9-2, Sam was the sixth contestant sent home. Sam was shocked, Mark was livid and Henry was smug. As they headed back to camp  Mark began to plot his revenge on Henry as the sun set on another day in Samoa.