Survivor delivers a twist filled tribal

Survivor delivers a twist filled tribal

Tonight Australian Survivor delivered on a Tribal Council no one saw coming.

Aganoa returned from last night’s Tribal Council having lost no one (thanks to Peter’s decision to quit the game) but with their divisions out in the open. Kat, now knowing the all-girl alliance had turned on her, was reserved despite El attempting to reconcile with a hug.


The next morning at Vavau, Nick rose early to hunt for the Immunity Idol but his solo mission proved unsuccessful. Having lost a close friend and ally in Peter, and still feeling on the perimeter of a five-person-strong alliance, Kylie set out on her own mission and was victorious in uncovering the Immunity Idol.

At Aganoa, El, Phoebe and Kristie consoled Kat. Phoebe assured Kat she had her loyalty, but behind her back, she told the others that Kat should be next to leave.

At tonight’s Reward Challenge, the tribes competed for the prize of a chicken coop containing two chickens, plus Vavau tribe’s luxury items.

The Break It Up, Break It Down challenge required each tribe to use building materials to barricade the opposing tribe’s tunnels. In the second part of the challenge, each tribe had to break into their own tunnels and manoeuvre each member through to the other side.

Firefighter Kylie tore through the planks of wood blocking her team’s tunnel like a machine, leading Sanaapu to victory and the loot of luxuries.

The pressure to win the next Immunity Challenge stepped up after Tree Mail revealed that not one but two tribes would tonight face Tribal Council. The challenge involved four members of each tribe moving a cart along an obstacle course, collecting coconuts as they went. At the end of the course, two other tribe members had to place the coconuts in slingshots and use them to shoot down five wooden posts.

Lee put his cricket arm to good use and bowled all five first, securing Aganoa’s first Immunity Challenge win and saving his tribe from elimination. Vavau and Saanapu returned to camp and prepared to face Tribal Council.

At Vavau, Nick tried his best to persuade his alliance to vote for Barry, but Jennah-Louise, Sue, Craig and Andrew all privately agreed it was time for Nick to go. At Sannapu, Flick’s loyalty to the alliance came under fire after a vulnerable Conner revealed to the boys that Flick planned to vote Matt out.

With two tribes fronting Tribal Council, the tension was intense. Conner and Nick were voted off the island, but then  the dropped a massive bombshell. Instead of being sent home, Conner and Nick would actually swap tribes. And, the twists kept coming: Nick and Conner were able to select another player each to swap tribes with them. Nick picked Tegan and Conner picked Sam.

Conner settled in comfortably with his new family at Vavau, but over in his new home of Saanapu, Nick was still seething from the betrayal. Throwing his original buff in the fire, he shouted: “Yellow didn’t want me, now I don’t want yellow.”

One thing’s for sure the game has just begun and the fallout will be unmissable



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