Survivor defines champions and contenders in latest promos

What separates a Champion from just another competitor? These Aussie legends have some ideas.

CEO Janine Allis turned her fresh idea into a multi-million dollar operation and now she oversees a business with 7000 employees. So in her mind, what does it take to get to the top.

Janine said: “Without hard work and persistence, you get nowhere. People give up to quick, Champions tend to just keep going.”

Fellow Champion, Speedskating Olympian Steven Bradbury, is well aware that most people think he just sailed through to his infamous victory, but that’s not how he sees it.

Steven said: “A lot of people think of ‘doing a Bradbury’ means a lucky victory, uh-uh. ‘Doing A Bradbury’ means working your guts out at something for a long time, and hopefully I’m going to change those perceptions on Survivor.”

NRL Legend Andrew Ettingshausen (ET) spent his career tackling some of the toughest men to ever take the sporting field. But it’s perseverance, not strength, that ET credits for his success.

“I’ve competed against some of the toughest athletes out there, I’ve been knocked down many times, I know how to get up. I’ve made a business out of it.”

Janine, Steven and ET will compete alongside marathon swimmer Susie Maroney, big wave surfer Ross-Clarke-Jones and other yet to be named giants to form a tribe of formidable Champions.

Together this tribe of 12 will take on The Contenders, a group of everyday Aussies hungry to prove themselves and bring the Champions down to earth.

Filmed in the wild tropics of Savusavu over 50 days, Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders takes the champ and the underdog and puts them to the ultimate test to unearth just who will be the Sole Survivor.



 Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders. Coming Soon To 10 And WIN Network.