Surviving Jeffrey Epstein comes to Nine next week

Over two explosive nights on Nine premieres  the documentary Surviving Jeffrey Epstein investigates how the millionaire sex predator ran a global network targeting young girls for himself and his cabal of rich and powerful friends, with shocking new survivor stories.

In the glamorous world of the powerful elites, a nasty, open secret lingered about an international sex-trafficking ring with one man at the centre of it, the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, and hundreds of young girls who were his victims. Who knew? Who refused to see? And who helped him get away with it for years?

In this documentary, the people surrounding Epstein who potentially procured and protected his victims, his second arrest for sex trafficking in minors, his sensational death and other stories coming to light are all examined – including new revelations about his right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, who has now been charged with recruiting teenage girls for him.

There are also interviews with courageous women who share their stories about the awful abuse at the hands of Epstein.

Viewers are exposed to the full extent of Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring, the way he lured young girls, and the lengths he went to in order to do it. We also find out just what happened when he was finally prosecuted last year.

The victims of this monster are still living with the traumatic aftermath of his abuse. With his suspicious death in 2019 in a New York jail cell, Epstein stole one last thing from them: the chance to face him in court and see justice prevail.

As survivors, their attorneys and therapists recount the full scale of Epstein’s horror, they will also be faced with the critical question: “How can we keep this from ever happening again?”

Part one goes to air on Monday, August 10, at 9.25pm and part two on Tuesday, August 11, at 8.30pm, on Nine and 9Now. The two-part exposé will premiere simultaneously in Australia and the USA.