Survival Expert Fails To Survive Tribal Council.

Survival Expert Fails To Survive Tribal Council.

George is now Fire Tribe’s last man standing, literally, as the public servant made it through yet another Tribal Council vote,

Day 38 in the Outback and with a sumptuous Italian feast up for grabs during the Reward Challenge, the hungry Castaways had to navigate a tricky obstacle course to win their place at the table. Dani, Flick, Cara and Wai emerged victorious and headed off for some coveted carbohydrates. Bellissimo!

Dani saw the Reward win as an opportunity to recruit Cara and Wai into a lady’s alliance and boot George from the comp. While Cara wasn’t keen on betraying her closest friend, Wai was all-ears and revealed to a shocked Cara that she’d only flipped on the way to Tribal, to vote Emmett out. Dani saw this as a sign that Wai’s vote was there for the taking.

At the Immunity Challenge, players stood suspended on two planks and held onto a ring propping up their body weight. A hour and a half later, fatigue set in. Of the three left hanging, Flick fell first, closely followed by Andrew, leaving Hayley the winner of the Immunity necklace for the second time in a row.

As Brawn hatched a plan to recruit Wai to vote George out, he was busy concocting his own master plan. Although Wai was protective of Andrew, George knew he needed to persuade her to let him go.

Not ready to betray Andrew or cross George, Wai was left conflicted. She just wanted to stay in the game!

At Tribal Council, Dani made one last pitch for Wai to join her. But before Wai could make her decision, JLP revealed yet another twist in the game. Whoever was voted out, would have a chance to win their way back in, if they picked the one of four urns, containing a lucky ticket.

Andrew was indeed voted out and he picked an urn. With nothing inside, the urn was shattered along with his hopes of returning to the game. He’s officially sent to Jury Villa.


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