Sunday Night September 29

Sunday Night September 29

Sunday night has only one story this week that really shows the power of love.

The day, 23 years ago that Matthew met Diane at university, the teenagers shared a bond. Within weeks they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. If it’s possible to have the perfect relationship, this couple is living proof it exists. If you ever doubted the power of true love to conquer any obstacle then don’t miss this emotional Mike Willesee special event.

When devoted father-of-four Matthew Ames fell ill with what he thought was a bout of “man flu” 18 months ago, he took a few days off work. When he didn’t feel any better, he visited four GP’s who each sent him back to bed. Finally, in agony, his family took him to the hospital. Within hours he was in a coma and surgeons had amputated his left arm. Matthew had gone into toxic shock from an infection of Streptococcus – a common bacteria nearly all of us have in the back of our throats or on our skin. It’s harmless unless, as in Matthew’s case, it travels into your bloodstream. As the poison spread quickly through his body, doctors told Diane that Matthew had just a one per cent chance of survival – but they would need to remove all his limbs to give him that chance.

When Matthew awoke, he was told he’d lost both arms and legs. Diane insisted she break the news. It was the second toughest moment of her life, second only to taking her children to the hospital to say goodbye to Matthew before his life or death operation. What happens over the next few hours and weeks to this point, 18 months later, is truly inspiring.

Sunday, September 29 on Channel Seven at 8pm.


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