Sunday Night October 6

Sunday Night October 6

Sunday Night this week has a one on one interview with author Jackie Collins.

Three incredibly brave women meet for the very first time to talk about the one terrible thing they all have in common. Between them, these mums have lost six kids – all killed by husbands wanting to inflict the ultimate heartbreak on their partners. Few could forget Cindy Gambino’s harrowing story. The Victorian mum lost her three young boys on Father’s Day 2005, when their dad Robert Farquharson deliberately drove them into a dam, leaving them to drown as he swam free. For years, Farquharson battled the courts, insisting the triple-murder was an accident. But now, as he’s lost his final appeal and will spend the rest of his life behind bars, Sunday Night can reveal shocking new details from the case that were hidden from public view, including the evidence from Robert’s mate that helped to convict the killer. You’ll also hear from a psychologist who was never called as a witness in court, despite Farquharson talking about his evil thoughts in the months leading up to the crime.

Shark Trackers
A crew hauls a giant great white shark onto their boat, wrestling with the fierce predator as it struggles on deck. These aren’t just fishermen – they’re scientists, and their mission is to save this endangered titan of the sea from the brink of extinction. Alex Cullen is on the water with the OCEARCH scientific team in the Atlantic Ocean – a haven for sharks. They are doing high-risk work, tagging sharks before releasing them so they can better understand the animals’ habits in the wild. But the rewards are great, as the information can serve to protect both animals and humans. When tagged sharks swim close to beaches, the call goes out to get swimmers out of harm’s way. And yet, here in Australia, the federal government has stifled attempts to set up a similar tagging program.

Jackie Collins
Her 29 novels have sold 500 million copies and been translated into 50 languages. At 75, and still as glamorous as ever, Jackie Collins is Hollywood royalty thanks to bestselling tomes like Hollywood Wives and Chances, but she’s not afraid to dish all of Tinseltown’s dirtiest secrets. The author sits down with Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler to give her insider’s opinion on everyone from Marlon Brando to Miley Cyrus. Quick-witted and disarmingly frank, she also opens up about her own incredible life, including her relationship with her very famous older sister Joan and her thoughts on men – opinions honed thanks to her eventful love life.

Sunday, October 6 on Channel Seven at 7.40pm


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