Sunday Night October 5

Sunday Night October 5

This week there are just two stories on Sunday Night.

Exclusive: Taking off the Mask
Dana Vulin was a blonde and beautiful university graduate with the world before her. Then an innocent chat with a married man at a New Year’s Eve party changed her life for ever. The man’s jealous wife broke into her home, doused her with methylated spirits, setting her on fire. Dana suffered third-degree burns to two thirds of her body, including her face. That was two and a half years ago and the fact she survived at all is remarkable. Every day since coming out of a coma Dana has endured constant pain from her burns, only relieved by the pressure suit and mask she’s had to wear between countless operations. She became the girl behind the mask. A year ago on Sunday Night, after her attacker was jailed for 17 years, Dana vowed that one day she would be ready to remove her mask and return to her previous life. She said she’d only do it if she felt beautiful once more. On Sunday Night, witness the incredibly emotional transformation of Dana Vulin, and marvel at the skill and dedication of the Australian surgeons who give her back her face. The moment Dana steps out will literally take your breath away.

Robyn Lawley
Robyn Lawley is a supermodel and a giant of the fashion world – literally. She’s 188cm – that’s six feet two inches – of Aussie perfection. So when Sunday Night goes on location to the party island of Mykonos for the sexiest photo shoot of the year with Robyn, the tourists and locals get rather steamed up. Robyn Lawley is not your average model. She’s super smart with firm views about the industry, the fashion world and the messages they send out to young girls. The cover shoot for Marie Claire only emphasises why she is headed for the very top.

Sunday, October 5 on Channel 7 at 8.30pm.


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