Sunday Night October 30

Sunday Night October 30

This weekend Sunday Night has a few stories which are well worth your time.


Imagine going through life where everybody is a stranger – your loved ones, your friends, your work mates. This bizarre medical condition known as face blindness is more common than you think. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Australians have it. For them, faces are a blur of unrecognisable features and even the world’s biggest celebrities draw a blank. As Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells discovers, in the most extreme cases, some sufferers can’t even recognise themselves.


It’s the race that stops a nation and last year for the first time ever a woman won the Melbourne Cup. So can history repeat itself? Well, Katelyn Mallyon has no doubt that it can. She is the only female jockey lining up for the big race on Tuesday. But to get there, Katelyn has had to overcome a career-threatening injury. In 2012, she broke her back in a horrific fall at Flemington. Now, four years on, her good friend Michelle Payne believes Katelyn has what it takes to win.


Michael Bublé has one of the greatest voices of a generation. It’s made him wildly wealthy and he’s certainly enjoyed his success. However, years of excessive partying and hard drinking finally took a toll on the Canadian crooner’s health. Earlier this year, his award-winning voice gave way. Without urgent surgery, Michael’s career was in jeopardy. Now, the charming singer reveals to guest reporter Chris Bath how close he really came to losing it all.

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