Sunday Night November 9

This weekend Sunday Night has a story about the Victoria Cross and a story about milk.

Hero to his Mates
See history in the making on Sunday Night this weekend. For the first time ever witness the ‘conspicuous act of bravery’ that earned a humble boy from the bush a Victoria Cross. It is the highest award an Australian soldier can receive, and Dan Keighran earned his VC for repeatedly putting his life on the line to save his mates in battle. The vision captured on the helmet cameras of Aussie troops involved in the three-hour gunfight with Taliban fighters in Southern Afghanistan is extraordinary. Ambushed on open ground and heavily outnumbered by the enemy, one digger shot and seriously wounded, something needed to happen to avoid a disaster. Corporal Keighran from Delta company didn’t hesitate. What he did to draw enemy fire away from his wounded mate and those treating him defies belief. Time and time again Dan made himself a target for Islamic fighters armed with semi-automatic machine guns, keeping them occupied while a chopper was called in to evacuate his fatally injured mate, Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney. Dan’s incredible bravery and willingness to sacrifice his life for his men is all the more remarkable considering he’d soon marry the love of his life, and his days in the army were numbered. Reporter Rahni Sadler meets Dan, his wife Katherine and some of those men whose lives he saved that dusty day when death seemed inevitable.

Milk of Goodness
Science is starting to confirm evidence about a remarkable natural milk that shows amazing results treating a range of disorders including autism, diabetes, some cancers and food allergies. This milk is the nearest thing in Mother Nature to human breast milk; it has 10 times more iron, three times more vitamin C and is lower in lactose and cholesterol than cow’s milk. This week on Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam meets Australian families who have seen amazing health benefits for their children after giving them this super food milk, that exists here in Australia more than anywhere else on the planet. An ancient food with hidden properties, some nomadic tribes with no history of modern ailments have been drinking the milk for centuries. If it’s natural and can be found in abundance in Australia why is it so difficult to buy? All the answers in this major investigation on Sunday Night.

Sunday at 6.30pm on Seven.