Sunday Night November 5

This weekend Sunday Night has just one story this weekend.

Brittney Jade Dwyer and her teenage friends were obsessed with the gruesome, the macabre – and worse. An obsession with deadly games that would see 19-year-old Brittney grab a knife, stab her grandfather and then calmly wash the dishes as he sat dying on a couch.

A crime so horrific, it’s almost beyond belief.

Eighty-one-year-old Robert Whitwell was a gentle man who loved his family. Moments before his granddaughter murdered him, he sat showing Brittney family photos of her as a baby.

And after the murder came the crocodile tears and the heartless pretence. As her family mourned, Brittney mourned with them, knowing all the while who killed her ‘poor Poppa’.

For the first time on Sunday Night, Brittney’s family break their silence.

So, what drove Brittney to kill her grandfather in cold blood? And will her accomplice and childhood friend Shelby Lee Holmes finally come clean? Only now that she has been convicted will the truth finally come out.

Sunday at 8.00pm on Seven.