Sunday Night November 13

This weekend Sunday Night brings a bit of star power to the program.

It’s a moment Kerri-Anne Kennerley always dreamed would happen, but feared would never come – her husband John returning to the family home. Earlier this year, John came very close to dying in a freak fall that broke his neck. He could no longer move or speak and merely breathing was a challenge. But eight months on, this hugely determined couple has achieved the near impossible. Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle is there for John’s very emotional homecoming.

“Rise of the Superbugs”
It’s the stuff of a best-selling science fiction thriller – a killer superbug that threatens to wipe out mankind. But this is no Hollywood blockbuster, it’s real. Scientists have now discovered a terrifying new organism that antibiotics can’t kill. It’s not only indestructible; it’s also very smart and can turn a benign infection into a deadly contagion. Reporter PJ Madam visits the high-security military base where scientists are desperately trying to stop a global pandemic before it’s too late.

“The Beat Goes On”
If there was any doubt about the enduring appeal of Phil Collins, it vanished a few days ago when five shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London sold out in 15 seconds flat. During the 90s, he was one of the most prolific and popular stars of the time, but at the peak of his fame he stepped away from public view. A marriage break-up drove him to alcoholism that almost killed him. But as Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock discovers, against all odds, Phil Collins is back.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.