Sunday Night November 12

This weekend Sunday Night has a very important story.

They’re responsible for catching those who commit some of the most horrific crimes against children.

This Sunday, meet these extraordinary men and women; members of a highly secretive police unit whose mission is to protect our kids…at any cost.

Being mums and dads themselves only makes them more devoted to the job of tracking and arresting the predators lurking out there online.

In this Sunday Night major investigation, reporter Denham Hitchcock takes us inside Strike Force Trawler.

Embedded with this specialist police unit for six months as several major operations unfold, step-by-step see the tactics used by these dedicated detectives to snare and catch predators before they can do any more harm.

Sunday Night’s cameras are there for the moment police strike, and capture the eye-opening admissions of these sick and twisted predators.

Sunday at 8.00pm on Seven.