Sunday Night May 7

This week Sunday Night has just one story on a Tinder stalker.

Dr Angela Jay is truly remarkable. The beautiful young doctor has been through absolute hell, been face-to-face with evil. A crazed stalker determined to destroy her.

It began quite innocently. Just like thousands of other women, Angela went online, on Tinder, looking for a soul mate. For a while there she thought she’d found him.

Paul Lambert was handsome, charming, and seemingly normal. Or so Angela first thought. But she was wrong. So terribly wrong.

He stalked her, even renting a room across from where she worked. Then one night broke into her home and hid in waiting as part of a twisted murder plot. Attacked. Repeatedly stabbed and doused in petrol. The frenzied attack sparked a massive manhunt, coming to a dramatic end on a country highway.

Angela still has her bad days, but it’s been an astonishing recovery. Somehow she’s emerged stronger and more motivated than ever. And surprisingly, there’s no room in her new life for bitterness, not even about online dating sites like Tinder. She says she was just unlucky.

In her first television interview with Melissa Doyle, the explosive full story of Angela’s haunting ordeal will finally be revealed.

This SUNDAY NIGHT exclusive report airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.