Sunday Night May 4

Sunday Night May 4

This week Sunday Night has  a look at The Hitchhiker Murders and   Miranda Kerr.

It was 1972 when university students Anita Cunningham and Robin Hoinville-Bartram left Melbourne with  a romantic plan to hitchhike to Far North Queensland. But they would never make it. Four months later,  Robin’s body was found under a bridge in remote outback Queensland. She had been shot twice in the  head and her body left in a creek bed. Anita was never heard from again. One of Queensland’s most  baffling cold cases, this murder mystery has remained unsolved for more than four decades despite police   investigations, an inquest and a $250,000 reward. Is Anita still alive? Did she kill her friend and flee? Or was their fate linked to other hitchhiker murderers, namely the notorious Ivan Milat? Over the years,  detectives, friends and even psychics have weighed in on what happened to both young women. Now in  this chilling Sunday Night investigation, reporter Alex Cullen meets one detective who is determined to
finally put the case to rest.

Meet the man from Wagga Wagga who is responsible for housing a nation displaced by war. Aussie  Andrew Harper has built the largest planned refugee camp in history to house the daily flood of Syrians  crossing the border into Jordan. This desolate desert city will be home to more than 130,000 victims of  war who will walk for days to get there, risking their lives, and may never return home. It is unrelenting  work and, as Andrew reveals to Sunday Night reporter Steve Pennells, it takes everything you’ve got.

She’s the leggy brunette from Gunnedah who has conquered the globe as a top supermodel and astute  businesswoman. There’s no denying Miranda Kerr is a woman of many talents, but it’s her latest project  that’s got everybody talking. In a Sunday Night exclusive, we reveal her first ever music video alongside  Jersey Boys star Bobby Fox.

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