Sunday Night May 14

Sunday Night has a case of Murder and Ed Sheeran

Killing Joe
There’s no doubt at all. Two decades ago, when Anu Singh was a Canberra law student, she killed her partner, young and handsome engineer Joe Cinque. One of the most bizarre killings in Australian criminal history, Anu planned it all. With the help of friends, she bought the drugs, arranged two bizarre farewell dinners telling guests she and Joe would die together in a tragic suicide pact. But, unbelievably, no-one told Joe. So why was Anu found not guilty of murder? It’s taken Anu 20 years to walk out of the shadows and sit down in front of television cameras to tell her story. In this Sunday Night investigation, Anu will speak directly for the first time to Joe Cinque’s mother and father, Maria and Nino. With the help of the forensic psychiatrist who examined Anu, the detective who led the investigation and never-before-seen videos with Anu, senior reporter Steve Pennells sheds fresh light on this most bizarre of killings.

Just Ed
At first glance you’d never guess he was the hottest thing in pop. A bit shambolic – ripped jeans, scruffy red hair and glasses. More busker than big-time star. But the moment Ed Sheeran picks up a guitar, it’s another story. It’s pure magic – the kind that attracts 70 million online fans. The kind of songs that have everyone singing along. And according to Sunday Night guest reporter Angela Cox, the man himself is pretty special too – simply because he’s so normal.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.