Sunday Night May 11

Sunday Night May 11

This week Sunday night has what is believed to be Charlotte Dawson’s final interview just six weeks before her death.

Charlotte Dawson’s Last Interview
She was beautiful, successful and surrounded by friends and admirers – but all Charlotte Dawson could see in her life was loneliness, despair and rejection. Just six weeks before her death Charlotte was in Bali to seek guidance from a High Priestess as her life unravelled in front of her. Approaching 50 years of age, out of work and facing mounting money problems, Charlotte’s world was becoming darker and darker. The tragic details of her death are well known, but the extraordinary events that led up to it can now be revealed for the first time in this special Sunday Night investigation. In her final interview, Charlotte spoke about beginning a new chapter in her life after being pushed to the brink. It’s raw and honest – Charlotte opens up about ex-husband Scott Miller, describes her pain over aborting their baby, and divulges details of an ongoing blackmail attempt. Alex Perry describes his final conversation with his “best mate”, and Charlotte’s two sisters reveal to reporter PJ Madam why talking about what happened to Charlotte is so important today.

The Story of Tamar Stitt
Sunday Night’s powerful investigation concerning 10-year-old Tamar Stitt and the controversial ‘natural’ therapy treatments for cancer that her parents battled to give her was a story that shocked Australia. Doctors claimed intensive chemotherapy was Tamar’s only chance of survival and even took the extraordinary step of asking the Supreme Court to force her parents to allow her to go back to hospital. Instead they fled to El Salvador to administer Tamar with the mud treatment they believed would cure her and reporter Rahni Sadler met with them there. But just months later the sick little girl lost her fight for life. This week in Perth, the Coroner has been conducting an investigation into the circumstances of Tamar’s death, and considering whether anyone should be held responsible.

Mother’s Day with Jamie
Our favourite British chef is back! Jamie Oliver joins us again for a very special Mother’s Day edition of Sunday Night. He is a passionate family man and this week The Naked Chef talks to us about the secrets to a good family life, a fool-proof love life and making it big as a chef. Warm up those wintry nights with Jamie’s perfect roast chicken recipe to show-up mum’s Sunday roast, plus an amazing giveaway that will have your fridge packed and bellies full.

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