Sunday Night March 8

Sunday Night March 8

Sunday Night returns this weekend with the Bali 9, and Carl Baron.

The Final Days
Sunday Night returns for 2015 with an intensely personal account from veteran reporter Mike Willesee on how he formed the profound belief condemned Bali 9 ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran had become ‘two decent human beings’. In this moving report, featuring previously unseen material from Mike’s 4-day assignment in Kerobokan prison, we discover Myuran tried to trade information about his drug bosses in Australia to beat the death sentence but was rebuffed. This searing story also features Andrew Chan writing a candid, heartfelt letter to his teenage self about what might have been. Sunday Night will also air what’s believed to be the last video to emerge from the jail featuring Andrew’s response to the previous round of executions. He wonders what it takes to get a second chance. As Australia rallies against their imminent firing squad executions, this is an important, unmissable story.

How Could She?
They’re two Aussie boys who lost their father to a grisly murder and now they may lose their accused-killer mum to a death sentence. Perhaps surprisingly the brothers say if that’s the punishment for the crime then their mother must face the consequences. It’s the life and death court-room drama in Bali you haven’t heard about. Steve Pennells has this incredible exclusive report on how a murder that claimed one parent may also claim the other.

Being Carl
Hit Aussie comic Carl Barron rarely gives interviews but when he sat down with Sunday Night host Chris Bath, the star of stand-up came ready to spill his guts on life, love and the tough job of kissing five actresses in his new movie Manny Lewis. Carl is at cross-roads in his life as he prepares to take the leap from selling out stand-up comedy shows to being a famous movie star. Get ready to smile with one of Australia’s favourite and funniest comedians.

Sunday at 7pm on Seven.