Sunday Night March 3

This week on Sunday Night, Steve Waugh adrenaline junkies and Steve Carell 

This is the dramatic and never before told story of one of our greatest sportsmen. Steve Waugh won everything in the game, but it’s what he has done with his life post cricket that is so heart-warming and inspiring. Through his own foundation, Steve helps kids battling some of the world’s rarest diseases. People like 20-year-old Renee, who stopped growing at the age of two and who now weighs just 12 kilograms. Renee requires oxygen every minute of the day, which her single mum simply can’t afford. Steve and his wife Lynette, married for 30 years, pay for mobile oxygen tanks so Renee can live as close to a normal life as possible. Then there is 9-year-old Liam who’s life the couple transformed with the gift of a $36,000 wheelchair. But in this special story with guest reporter, Sunrise’s Mel Doyle, Steve and Lynette reveal exclusively for the first time their darkest moment – when Lynette collapsed with a bleed on the brain. Together with neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, they tell of her miraculous survival.

High above the desert sands of Dubai, Australia’s adrenalin junkies are putting their lives on the line. These world parachute championships are like nothing you’ve ever seen – it’s much more than skydiving, it’s aerial ballet. But the consequences can be deadly. When Laurence took to the skies, she’d already jumped hundreds of times. She never imagined this one would be any different. But when she pulled the chord she knew she was in big trouble. Watch the story unravel in front of your eyes.

It’s the funniest TV interview of the year. From the second he walks into the room Steve Carell takes over the interview and anything and everything goes. This Sunday Night experience the star of The 40 Year Old Virgin go head to head with Rahni Sadler. Famous for his portrayal of awkward and dim-witted characters you’ll find out why Carell is proud to still cha cha like a sissy girl, and learn the truth behind ‘that’ waxing scene. Despite all his fame and fortune (fortune he jokes, he’ll not be sharing with his children) his most extravagant purchase is a vacuum cleaner. A really good one. And don’t miss Carell reprising his role as Brick Tamland from Anchorman in a special weather report for Sunday Night.

6:30 PM on Seven

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