Sunday Night March 24

This week on Sunday Night:  Derryn Hinch comes face to face with a serial thug.

This is the shocking story of the dishonorable soldier preying on women. Now with four convictions for bashing four different victims, Darran Porch is big and violent – a former paratrooper who served in the Australian and British armies. On dating websites he calls himself “Mr Melbourne” and presents himself as handsome, caring and sensitive. But in reality Porch is a dangerous man, who time and time again has been jailed for assaulting his victims. Right now, Porch is on bail despite being sentenced to 40 months jail for two dozen offences stemming from a savage and brutal attack on his latest victim. In this major international Sunday Night investigation reporter Derryn Hinch meets many of Porch’s unfortunate victims from Scotland, Wales, Canada and Australia. After three years following this shocking abuse of justice, watch as Derryn comes face to face with the serial thug, with an explosive outcome.

On Sunday Night meet two Australian men from different worlds. One can bench press a whopping 270kgs. He’s 193 cm tall and weighs 145kg. The other is a father of two, passionate and wildly over the top – revolutionising his sport. Both have one thing in common – they’ve hit the big time overseas. Meet Jessie Williams, known as “Tha Monstar”. At 22, the boy from Brisbane is dominating American college football and is about to become one of Australia’s highest paid exports, inking his first contract worth millions of dollars. On the field this 22-year-old is fast and agile, off the field he’s humble, smart and very savvy. Meanwhile Jason Belmonte is a bowling phenomenon, a world champion. But his very unorthodox two handed bowling style is leaving his American opponents scratching their heads.

It is one of nature’s most ferocious and normally unseen contests. The battle under the sea is dangerous and deadly, and this week Sunday Night is there for this very unique event. Here off the coast of South Africa the predator is the Great White Shark, the prey – Cape Seals. Despite the violent interaction, don’t for one minute think this is a one sided contest. Join a very brave Ross Coulthart in the water and witness the extraordinary survival tactics of the seals. Meet the man creating a sanctuary to protect the creatures, feeding the orphaned, starving and injured.
6:30 PM Sunday on 7

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