Sunday Night March 16

This week Sunday Night has two stories one on Daniel Morcombe and the other on Cosentino.

To Catch a Killer
To catch the cold-blooded, calculating killer of schoolboy Daniel Morcombe police knew it would take something special. They had their target, but they needed hard proof. This week on Sunday Night the country’s top investigative journalist Ross Coulthart takes you right inside the incredible Mr Big sting that caught the murderer red handed. To trap a monster like Brett Cowan, an evil and sadistic child rapist, undercover detectives created the most elaborate and expensive Disneyland of crime ever attempted in Australia. Their plan was to lure Cowan into joining what he thought was a ruthless and well-connected gang that could net him big money. Sunday Night takes you to the moment, to the very hotel suite, where it all came together – the moment Cowan confessed to murdering little Daniel. We show exclusive interviews with the two women who shared their lives with Cowan until they discovered his dark secrets, and what they have to say will have you on the edge of your seat.

A Trick to Die For
Paul Cosentino is perhaps Australia’s greatest ever magician, with a dream to top the bill in Vegas. Not bad for a boy who still couldn’t read or write at the age of 12. Then his mum showed him a magic book, and the struggling student was captivated. Now at the top of his game, with the world at his feet, Cosentino is literally putting it all on the line. Only one trick has ever defeated him, and stopped him from performing it live. In his last attempt to escape from a plastic sphere six metres under water while manacled and chained, he suffered a burst ear drum and narrowly cheated death as his lungs began to collapse. On Sunday Night, in front of a live audience, Cosentino will attempt the trick again. He has two minutes to pick the locks on five separate handcuffs and chains, then the door of the sphere, before swimming to the surface. He credits magic with saving his life when he was a boy, now he’s putting his life on the line for his love of magic. Reporter PJ Madam has spent time with Cosentino and his family as they prepare for his greatest trick.

Sunday, March 16 on Channel Seven at 8pm.