Sunday Night March 11

This weekend Sunday Night focuses on just one story.

Bree Robinson had every reason to live. The vivacious 21-year-old had landed her dream job as a cheerleader with the Gold Coast Titans. She was over the moon, according to her family.

Yet, late one evening, Bree plunged to her death from her 11th floor balcony. Bree’s boyfriend, Dan Shearin, was the only person in the apartment with her when it happened. Police eventually ruled the death a suicide. But, from the start, Bree’s family was suspicious. So much just didn’t add up.

Why, as Bree lay dying and volunteers tried desperately to save her, did her boyfriend stand on the sidelines and calmly call his lawyer? Was there a loud argument in their apartment just before she plummeted 11 floors from their balcony? And, in the month before she died, why did he send her so many obscene and violent texts? These are just some of the questions in this baffling case.

In this major Sunday Night investigation, senior reporter Denham Hitchcock confronts the only person who knows the answers – Bree’s boyfriend, Dan.

We hear from the key witnesses, who reveal for the first time their chilling accounts of what happened that night and the clues that were overlooked by police. And we hear from Bree’s grieving family – her heartbroken mother, Elaine, and brother, Matt.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven