Sunday Night June 7

Sunday Night  June 7

This week Sunday Night has the heart warming story of a family being brought together.

Lost and Found
Four orphans abandoned at different times and in different locations by the same mother and they all grew up never knowing each existed. What are the chances they’d ever find each other? It took one defining twist of fate to trigger an incredible, against-all-odds trail of discovery and the most remarkable, heart-warming reunion you’ll see. In this deeply moving Sunday Night exclusive, Rahni Sadler tells how one baby, then another were left in public places so they’d be discovered. Later two toddlers, a brother and a sister – are left behind. Decades later one sibling’s yearning to know sets in train the most unlikely series of events all leading to the one moment none of the children ever dreamed possible – the ultimate family get-together. There’s only one piece missing. Is mum still out there and if so can they find her? Someone in the Sunday Night audience may hold the key.

The Ultimate Pit
For Australians, real estate and home renovations are national obsessions. So many home owners set off on what they think will be their dream renovation and encounter such financial and emotional pain vow never to do it again. Well, prepare yourself for the ultimate renovation agony: renovating America’s biggest house, while it’s still under construction. It’s a drama that all the money in the world can’t seem to crack. And that’s because money’s no object, only the best will do and the fussy owners keep changing their mind. Or at least one of them does. The one who thinks she’s in charge. Billionaire David Siegel doesn’t have a budget for his dream home and that’s lucky because his wife Jackie doesn’t pay much attention to the bills. She just wants the finest and grandest home in America. When she invited Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen back to the mega-castle he thought it would be a grand opening. Instead Alex finds a sprawling build still unfolding. It’s been going on for 11 years so much of the house is already dated and in urgent need of renovation. Apparently. Sit back and watch a billionaire couple go through the same ordeal many average renovators have to endure – only on a far grander, far-more laborious, bigger money-gulping, scale. Will they ever finish it?

Sneak Peek: Hoop Dreams

Plus we’ve got an eye-popping sneak peek at a story that will have all of Australia talking. One of the most amazing feats you’ll ever see.


Sunday at 8.50pm on Seven.