Sunday Night June 29

Sunday Night June 29

This Sunday Night Darren Hinch looks at domestic violence, a family reunion and  behind the scenes of the Lego movie.

Clear and Present Danger
Derryn Hinch has spent time behind bars because of his commitment to his campaign to set up a national register of paedophiles. He’s a man who doesn’t take a backward step – isn’t afraid to put himself on the line if it’s for something he believes in. This weekend on Sunday Night, Derryn champions another cause when he comes face-to-face with a man who is a danger to every Australian woman. Nicholas Pribil is handsome, charming, and easily attracts interest from the opposite sex. He’s been preying on women for 15 years, either online or trawling in trendy bars. At first charming and attentive, it’s not long before Pribil – a gym-junkie and bodybuilder – flies into violent rages. Two brave women who almost died at his hands share their stories with Derryn, but it’s what happened after doctors mended their broken bodies that will shock Australia. Pribil’s victims never got to attend court to give the magistrate their victim impact statements. And Pribil walked away with a suspended sentence and a slap on the wrist – that is until Derryn catches up with him. In this special investigation, why Australia needs to get serious about domestic violence and men like Nicholas Pribil should be behind bars.

Jill’s Journey
Candice Nolan was a frightened 16 year old when she gave birth in hospital. Her daughter was immediately taken away and Candice never got to hold her, never got to touch her or name her. For next 43 years, a distraught mother was left heart broken, a desperate daughter left searching for answers. Jill Rayner grew up in Sydney in a loving family never guessing she was adopted – that is until her older sister blurted it out one day during an argument. This special Sunday Night investigation by Rahni Sadler follows Jill’s journey to find her birth mother, and the moment they are reunited is one of the happiest TV moments of the year. The most powerful reunion ever, proof that the bond between a mother and her daughter can never be broken.

They have been the building blocks of children’s dreams for almost 100 years, but more recently the Lego we know and love has morphed into a worldwide phenomenon – all thanks to a little Aussie company with big ideas. Sunday Night goes behind the scenes of the breakthrough Lego movie and reporter Alex Cullen meets the man behind the Oscar-nominated animation company that brought Lego to life. You’ll also see a lot of very cool and very big things – all made from tiny blocks of plastic that have captured the imagination of generations the world over. Then there’s the AFOL or “Adult Fans of Lego” — a passionate new audience that is turning kids playthings into technological masterpieces, holding conventions and creating clubs for enthusiasts everywhere, and there’s not a kid in sight.

6:30pm Sunday June 29 on Seven


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