Sunday Night June 21

This weekend Sunday Night looks into Bill Crosby and follows up with the orphans who were separated in distence by their mother from birth.

The Case Against Cosby
He was the lovable comic who broke down racial barriers, inspired generations of African-American performers and who was a top-rating visitor to Australian living rooms during his television heyday. Bill Cosby. But is the superstar of American comedy a sexual predator who drugged and raped dozens of women? According to the women featured in this devastating Sunday Night investigation, there is no doubt. They describe in startling detail a man who used his star power to woo them into his world only to attack them and send their lives spiralling into oblivion. These are harrowing stories among a catalogue of allegations detailed by more than 40 women. The sheer weight of these independently presented accounts is profoundly damaging to Cosby and yet he has not spent a moment in court to face these claims nor has he set out to clear his name with a detailed public rebuttal. Why did it take so long for these accusations to emerge and be taken seriously? And why haven’t the authorities investigated and prosecuted? The answers are as shocking as the horrific ordeals recounted to Sunday Night. Lawyer Gloria Allred, who continues to accumulate clients in this extraordinary drama, said: “If he is a sexual predator, he’s one of the worst in this nation’s history.”

Mum, Where Are You?
Tiny fragments of information and a simple twist of fate finally brought them together – total strangers who became one of the most heart-warming, united families we’ve ever encountered. They were the four orphans, abandoned by their mother in different locations and at different times decades ago, whose astonishing story of discovery featured on Sunday Night two weeks ago. Only one big part of the puzzle was missing. Where was their mother? Now, thanks to Sunday Night’s amazing network of viewer sleuths and amateur genealogists and our own dogged investigations, the amazing final chapter of this family-in-the-making can now be told. It is a profoundly moving, fascinating journey where vital questions are answered and deeply held emotions are unleashed.

Sunday at 8.15pm on Seven.