Sunday Night June 2

Sunday Night June 2


This week Sunday Night talks to shark victims who have formed a bite club, and Owen Wilson.


Bite Club
It’s a very exclusive club that no-one wants to join. The members call it the Bite Club, and the first rule of the Bite Club…is to always talk about the Bite Club. They’ve all been munched and mauled by sharks and lived to tell their remarkable stories. It began with one man, who couldn’t find an expert to truly understand his fear, so made it his mission to contact and be-friend every shark victim after him. This weekend on Sunday Night, the Bite Club meets face to face for the very first time – seven members come together for an amazing weekend of courage and bonding. They come from all over Australia to face their demons and encourage one another to re-enter the water, and then, in must watch TV, actually swim with sharks. They’ve suffered over 1,000 stitches between them. One member had two kilos of flesh removed by a shark, another lost 40 per cent of his blood, and then there is the young woman who owes her life to the brave tourist who wrestled with the shark that had her in its grip. We return to the scene of one attack with the victim and are almost run out of the town with no pity. Tourism props up the local economy and locals are not happy that we are there.

Serial Killers
Last weekend more than two million Australians watched Mike Willesee’s gripping story on the women who marry serial killers, the children who fear they may inherit their father’s murderous DNA, and the victim who escaped. This Sunday, in the explosive second installment, we meet The Iceman – perhaps America’s most cold-blooded contract killer. He murdered innocent victims simply to hone his skills for killing. In suburbia he was a doting dad, a favourite with the neighbours, but then he’d catch the train into New York and murder to order. The Iceman’s wife gives an extraordinary account of her life with the serial killer, and how she never knew of his “other job”.

Vince and Owen
They are two of Hollywood’s funniest stars. Put them together and there is no way it was ever going to be a standard celebrity interview. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson don’t do “normal”, and this was no exception. Given the comedy duo’s new film is called The Internship, we thought we’d offer them an internship on Sunday Night. You see, when Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson heard about our show, they were impressed, they wanted to become part of our team. But after much consideration, and with budget constraints and staff cuts, we decided we could only employ one intern this year. See the comedy duo at their improvising best, impressing a gob-smacked PJ Madam in this very unique job interview. Get ready for a belly laugh.

Sunday on Channel Seven at 6.30pm.

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