Sunday Night June 15

This weekend Sunday Night looks at Medical Cannibis and talk to the members of rock band Queen

Medical Cannibis
This story will make you question everything you thought you knew about the debate over illegal drugs. Across Australia thousands of ordinary law-abiding Australian families are operating in the shadows, committing illegal acts, smuggling and cultivating cannabis, all in the name of medicine. This special Sunday Night investigation meets three of those families and when you hear their side of the story, the debate over medicinal marijuana will be ignited like never before. You will meet the former undercover drug squad boss who fought illicit drugs and locked up drug dealers for more than 25 years. Now, with his son in excruciating pain from high dose chemotherapy, he has become a drug supplier – working with some of those he once targeted to secure pain-relief cannabis for his dying son. It is an extraordinary situation, and the family’s impossible predicament has galvanised the whole town behind them. Even the current police chief refuses to arrest him and says he has real criminals to worry about. In another suburb, in another part of Australia, a former army officer and his wife believe passionately that cannabis oil would ease the suffering for their child who experiences horrifically painful seizures. Yet while they campaign for medicinal cannabis to be legalised, the couple have been forced into the heartbreaking decision not to give it to their son, because child services have warned them of the consequences. Every Sunday Night viewer will get the chance to vote on the issue in real time during the story, and send a message to politicians throughout the country.

We promise one thing this Sunday Night – We Will Rock You. Join the greatest rock and roll band in history, the men who created anthems that spanned generations – Queen. They were famous for their unique sound, their extraordinary harmonising and their very flamboyant lead singer. In this World Exclusive, those closest to Freddie Mercury, his band mates, reveal all about his wild life and controversial death. For almost two decades Freddie led Queen to enormous success, and the band lived the crazy rock’n’roll lifestyle. Now, Freddie’s personal assistant opens up to Rahni Sadler about why Freddie kept his illness secret so long and what really happened behind closed doors in the final weeks, days and hours of his life. Now without Freddie, and with their new, much younger front man Adam Lambert, Queen prove they really are still the Champions.

7:40 PM Sunday on 7