Sunday Night June 14

This week Sunday Night has stories on a rare medical condition and a world record attempt that has to be seen.

Eyes Wide Open
If you knew you were going blind, what would you want to see before it was too late? That’s a vital question confronting the three gorgeous, fun-loving White kids who’ve recently learned they are carrying the same genetic trigger that sent their mum blind in her early 20s. That means Beth White has never seen her children but she and husband David are determined they see as much as they can, while they can. The family’s spending the limited money they have chasing dazzling sights and experiences around the world, enabling the kids to build a big visual archive they can take with them into the darkness of their blindness. In this deeply moving and inspirational story, Sunday Night’s Peta-Jane Madam joins the Whites as they go star-gazing in the outback and on an adrenaline ride through New Zealand, building their catalogue. All the time medical science is racing against time to find a cure or a treatment for this extremely rare optical condition.

Long Shot
Will the sharp-shooters from Australia’s How Ridiculous sink the greatest basketball shot of all time? The four boys from Perth already hold the world record for the highest shot ever landed. But this is an epic new level with a bunch of new challenges. Sunday Night has taken the boys to the dizzying heights at the top of Gordon Dam in Tasmania. With an enormous reservoir on one side and a deep valley on the other, the dam has created its own microclimate that brings with it swirling, unpredictable conditions. Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock tells the extraordinary story of the internet sensation, charting How Ridiculous’ amazing parade of all-but impossible shots, and then sets them their biggest challenge by far. A shot of more than 120 metres – a distance so great they need a set of binoculars just to see the basketball ring. Can they do it? Well if they do, you’ll need to see it to believe it. Don’t miss this eye-popping Sunday Night event.

Sunday at 9pm on Seven.