Sunday Night July 31

Sunday Night July 31

This weekend Sunday Night has stories on Sally Obermeder, The swimming revilaty and Ricky Gervais.


This is a story that’s close to our hearts here at Sunday Night. Sally Obermeder is host of Seven’s The Daily Edition, a colleague and a friend. Five years ago, Sally experienced the greatest high and the most devastating low of her life all in the space of a few weeks.  First, the sheer joy of welcoming her first child into the world but then the shocking discovery she had breast cancer. Throughout her battle to beat the cancer, Sally nurtured a seemingly impossible dream; she wanted to have more kids. So she had four embryos frozen in the hope that one day that dream could be realised.  It hasn’t been an easy road, but, as Rahni Sadler reports, the love and kindness of a stranger on the other side of the world is helping to make that wish come true.



An ocean separates Australia and America but when our swimmers meet in Rio next week the distance between us will be measured in hundredths of a second. For as long as the Olympic Games have been running, there’s been no greater rivalry than our two swimming teams. From the very beginning, it’s been a war in the water bitter rivalries, secret tactics and wild one-eyed patriotism. On the eve of the next clash, Sunday Night investigates which nation has bragging rights when it comes to being the fittest, the fastest and who will finish first.



British comic genius Ricky Gervais loves nothing more than taking the mickey out of those who deserve it the most. He of the quick wit and razor-sharp tongue has Hollywood ducking for cover at the annual Golden Globes. But for his latest comedic adventure, Ricky has gone back to where his fame began the hit TV series The Office. As Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen discovered, Ricky’s character David Brent is just as mad even when he leaves the office.

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