Sunday Night July 27

This weekend Sunday Night has the conclusion of it’s bionic dad story,Morgan Freeman and a Prison Break.

For the first time on Sunday Night, the full, extraordinary story behind Australia’s most daring prison escape. In 1999, only a stone’s throw from the Sydney Olympic site, bank robber John Killick’s beautiful Russian-born mistress hijacked a chopper at gunpoint and forced the pilot to land in the exercise yard of Silverwater jail to fly her lover to freedom. A week before the audacious jailbreak, ‘Red Lucy’ had hired the movie Breakout featuring Charles Bronson to study how Hollywood pulled off the same plan and realised it could work. As the chopper hit the ground and Australia’s most infamous bank robber John Killick clambered aboard, prison guards opened fire and inmates cheered. But some details of the daring escape have never been revealed – until now. Reporter Mike Willesee pieces together the incredible escape with Killick himself, as well as the cop who caught him, the chopper pilot who pulled it off with a gun to his head, and the woman Killick has always loved.

Morgan Freeman
He’s the Hollywood superstar with that unmistakable voice – the rich baritone that caught Hollywood’s ear and has voiced everyone from a street thug to God himself. Morgan Freeman is 77 going on 17 as he relaxes with Sunday Night for a playful and candid interview about his glittering career, his favourite co-stars and the secrets he shares with them. The man who has won so many awards for his roles in movies like Shawshank Redemption and Driving Miss Daisy reveals to reporter Rahni Sadler the one role he wished he could play, and he gets philosophical about life, death and everything in between. He’s brutally honest, devilishly witty, and surprisingly humble.

Bionic Dad
This week on Sunday Night, Brisbane father-of-four Matthew Ames becomes Australia’s first bionic dad. This remarkable man, who has fought back with the love of his family following the loss of all his limbs after suffering toxic shock, finally gets the chance to operate one of the bionic hands that will give him his life back. For the first time since waking from his coma to discover both his arms and legs had been amputated, Matthew can take his devoted wife Di out for a romantic meal and hold his kids’ hands. This is a story that will make you proud and inspired, and above all, appreciate the power of love.

8pm Sunday on 7