Sunday Night July 23

On Sunday Night an interview with tennis champ Bernard Tomic and child slavery.

Break Point
He’s one of our best tennis players, but there’d be few Australians with anything flattering to say about troubled athlete Bernard Tomic right now. Arrogant, boastful, self-absorbed or just plain unlikeable, his petulant and at times immature behaviour has seen him soar up the rankings in the tennis super brat league. And his latest outburst at Wimbledon has everyone wondering if it’s all over for this once-so-promising tennis star. At just 24, Bernard has plenty of time to turn his life and his tennis game around. Does he have the will to do it? Can he find a reason to win? Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle pulls no punches in this exclusive interview.

Undercover Angels
It’s hard to underestimate the bravery of the two Australian crime fighters you will meet on Sunday Night. Half a world away from their families, they are taking on some of the most ruthless criminals in the world to rescue children from slavery. It’s a highly organised, extremely dangerous undercover operation. If they’re exposed, they face certain death. Reporter Matt Doran was with the team as it all went down.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.