Sunday Night July 15

Sunday Night talks Road Rage and to Nicola Robinson. 

Road Rage
It happens in an instant. An explosive outburst of anger that all too often turns violent. Road rage can be triggered by the most seemingly insignificant incident. And despite the proliferation of mobile phones and dash cams, it’s happening more than ever. So why have our streets and motorways become a battleground? This Sunday Night, reporter Matt Doran gets answers from some of those whose lives have been ruined by a moment of madness.

Toxic Beauty
Long before she met celebrity chef Pete Evans, Nicola Robinson was a high-flying model – her body her biggest asset. And like the other women you’ll meet in this medical investigation, Nicola didn’t think twice about having breast implants to make herself look and feel more attractive. But then she met Pete and his children and dramatically changed her outlook on life. Her breast implants were not only an embarrassment; they were making her very sick. Little did she know, Nicola had a newly identified condition that’s not only extremely dangerous but also very painful. Now, she’s actively campaigning to make women aware of the dangers of implants. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports.

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