Sunday Night Febuarary 24

Sunday Night has one story this weekend focusing on Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is without question one of the greatest performers of our time yet 10 years after his death his name remains mired in controversy.

To his family and his loyal fans Jackson is a mercurial Peter Pan – a broken but beautiful soul as innocent as a child. He even created his very own Neverland, a sprawling Californian ranch conjured straight from the pages of a little golden book. It was a fantasy playland for its hundreds of young visitors. But the cheerful façade hid an ugly truth.

Ten years after the King of Pop’s death, senior reporter Matt Doran uncovers what really happened behind Neverland’s wrought iron gates.

In a Sunday Night world exclusive, a former Neverland worker finally breaks her silence, recounting the shocking events she witnessed as she takes us inside Jackson’s house of horrors.

Plus one of Michael Jackson’s victims reveals the damning never before seen evidence that will expose the truth about the King of Pop.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.