Sunday Night December 14

This Week Sunday Night has a story on the world’s largest civilian hospital in Africa.

Ship of Hope
A story that will make you proud. Guest reporter James Thomas meets an amazing bunch of big-hearted Australians on the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. The Mercy Ship delivers free surgery and health-care to some of the poorest people in Africa. We meet a thoracic surgeon from NSW and a paediatric nurse from Queensland who are among the dozens of volunteer doctors and nurses treating thousands of patients at every place the Mercy Ship docks. James also catches up with an engineer from Sydney who is sharing the incredible experience with his wife and three children. The generosity of these Aussie heroes is only matched by the joy of those they’re helping.

Sunday Night will also encore popular stories from earlier this year:

5:2 Revolution
There is a revolution sweeping the world. It’s called the 5:2 Diet and it’s changing lives, even saving lives. Millions have tried it successfully to shed a few kilos, but modern science is now discovering the benefits don’t end with weight loss. Regular fasting can also help reducing your risk of diabetes and dementia. It can even make you smarter. Sunday Night chief investigations reporter Ross Coulthart travels to the U.K. to meet the man behind the 5:2 revolution, Michael Mosely. Ross takes Michael’s advice and puts his diet and a new way to exercise to the test.

Ghost Island
Forty years ago, it was the most crowded place on earth – then everyone disappeared. Japan’s Hashima Island was home to 5000 coal miners and their families. The small speck of land surrounded by sea was a thriving metropolis, packed with high rises, several schools, businesses and supermarkets. Then the boom went bust. Almost overnight it was abandoned and made off limits. But a starring role in a James Bond movie led to the rediscovery of Hashima. Join PJ Madam on a tour of one of the strangest places on earth.

Music Mash Up
The biggest stars and their greatest hits in a red carpet event that only Sunday Night can deliver.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.