Sunday Night August 5

This weekend Sunday Night has two stories

Our Schoolyard Shame
We all know teenagers can be cruel, but what you’ll see in this Sunday Night investigation is truly confronting. Schoolkids targeting others students in spiteful, vicious and premediated attacks in the playground that are filmed and then posted online. It’s all in the name of winning social media ‘likes’ and fame, and humiliating the victims. Incredibly, some students even operate YouTube channels dedicated to broadcasting these malicious schoolyard attacks. It’s an epidemic that is destroying young lives. Angela Cox has this special report.

Blind Ambition
Thirteen years ago, Ben Felten went completely blind. He can’t see a thing. Yet it won’t stop him from attempting the seemingly impossible. Zooming across a forbidding salt plain in the middle of the desert at record-shattering speed. Ben wants to become the fastest blind person ever on two wheels. As Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports, it’s a blind ambition that could well cost Ben his life.

8.00pm Sunday on Seven.