Sunday Night August 2

Sunday Night August 2

This weekend Malissa Doyle steps into the hosting chair permanently. In her first episode Tessa James and a murder mystery.


Tessa James had the world at her feet. She was an established star on Channel 7’s award-winning Home and Away. Like many of her alumni, she had decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Big screen roles and fame beckoned.  But in the blink of an eye, Tessa found herself in a real life-and-death drama her Home and Away scriptwriters would find difficult to conjure.  Soon after arriving in Los Angeles filled with nervous expectation, Tessa felt unwell, then found a suspicious lump and before she knew it she was home with a confronting diagnosis. She had cancer. Cancer that without aggressive treatment would likely kill her. Suddenly she found herself traveling a very similar perilous and disturbing path alongside her father. Steve James had, a year earlier, been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a variant of Tessa’s cancer – and was undergoing round after round of punishing, debilitating chemotherapy. In this profoundly intimate and moving Sunday Night, Tessa, her parents, and the love of her life – husband and NRL star Nate Miles – take us inside her fight for survival. We’re there every step of the way to witness how they all banded together to help Tessa – and dad Steve – face cancer and fight for their lives. Oh, and some big Hollywood mates are there to help and encourage their little mate as well.



When prospectors Raymond and Jennie Kehlet travelled to remote Western Australia in March, they’d hoped to hit the jackpot. They travelled deep into the outback to a place called Sandstone – a lonely, desert landscape dotted with mine shafts and dramatic scenery. Instead of finding treasure, tragedy struck. They disappeared, leaving behind fretting family and almost no clues. It’s not the first time people have simply vanished in this profoundly isolated and treacherous part of Australia. A police investigation eventually found Ray dead down a mine shaft. But his discovery raised more questions than answers. And where’s Jennie? In this special Sunday Night investigations into a deeply perplexing outback mystery we speak, for the first time and at length, to the person who last saw Jennie and Ray alive.

7 pm Sunday on Seven