Sunday Night Augest 4

Sunday Night Augest 4

This weekend Sunday Night  looks at making cannabis legal and Mack Horton 


This Sunday Night, special guest reporter Pete Evans investigates the world’s most controversial plant – cannabis.

As more and more countries across the planet make cannabis legal for both medical and recreational use, many are wondering whether Australia has been left behind.

Three years ago, medicinal cannabis was partially legalised in Australia for a limited number of illnesses. But the cost is exorbitant. That’s forced desperate families to break the law in order to save their loved ones from unbearable pain and suffering.

But opponents warn that if Australia broadens access to medicinal cannabis, recreational users will fake illness just to get high.

It’s a contentious and divisive debate. So, does cannabis deserve to be demonised or celebrated? Make up your mind this Sunday Night.


Australian swimmer Mack Horton created international headlines when he took a powerful stand against his Chinese rival Sun Yang at the recent World Championships. Mack refused to share the podium with the accused drug cheat.  But while Mack was making his very public protest, Australia was dealing with its own doping scandal behind closed doors. His teammate Shayna Jack had been quietly sidelined after testing positive for a banned substance.

In a Sunday Night world exclusive, host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle sits down with Mack Horton as he reveals what really happened behind the scenes in South Korea and his reaction to Australia’s drug bombshell.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven