Sunday Night April 6

Sunday Night April 6

Sunday Night has  a star studded line up in store this weekend with Mick Doohan ABBA and Meagan Gale.

Aussie Legend
The amazing real story behind a remarkable Aussie legend. Mick Doohan is a five times world champion, a giant of motor cycle racing. But what he’s never divulged before is what really ended his career, and how close he came to death after his famous practice lap crash 22 years ago. Dutch surgeons were itching to amputate his leg, but Mick chose to go with an Italian doctor who saved his leg, and his life, with a jaw-dropping old fashioned medical procedure. On Sunday Night, reporter Mike Willesee introduces us to Mick’s beautiful wife Selina, who’s been by his side the entire way, and takes us inside the couple’s luxurious lifestyle – a world of private jets and helicopters, and a lavish Gold Coast home they rent out to friends like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Years after he was king of the track, the legend dubbed the ‘Thunder from Down Under’ is anything but retired.

Derryn’s Mission to Save Marianne
She’s beautiful and loves life to the full – but every day for two years Marianne has been waiting in vain for a phone call that will give her a future. This is the most personal story Derryn Hinch has ever reported. He has stayed by Marianne’s side through a journey all too familiar for him. Four years ago when he was told he had 12 months to live, a donor and a liver transplant saved his life. Now he hopes another donor will save Marianne’s life – but this time it is much more difficult. The multi organ transplant, replacing her stomach, pancreas, small intestine and duodenum, would cost $7 million in the United Sates. Here in Australia authorities are in an impossible predicament. Even if a donor with four healthy organs of the right quality and size can be found, should they save four lives by giving each organ to a different recipient, or give them all to save Marianne, who now weighs less than 40kg. Marianne was born with a condition that left her unable to eat because her stomach was unable to process food, and after 15 major operations doctors thought they had done all they could to save her. But this determined young lady turned detective, and tracked down the one person she knew wouldn’t give up on her – Derryn Hinch. What follows is an extraordinary emotional rollercoaster that highlights one young women’s incredible fighting spirit, and the love and compassion of a man who’s in this for the long haul.

Forty years ago, four badly dressed Swedish musicians won the Eurovision Song Contest. Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn called themselves ABBA and became a music phenomenon. For eight tumultuous years until they gave it away they were the biggest group in the world, and this Sunday they open up their personal family photo albums exclusively for Sunday Night. Rare and unseen photos with their children, their friends, their families and with each other. It’s a remarkable glimpse into their crazy life on the road – including many never seen before photos of their Australian gigs.

The Naked Truth About Megan Gale
A model, a mother, and one very controversial photo shoot. Megan Gale bares all, in this exclusive Sunday Night look inside her naked photo shoot. The Australian super model has been photographed all over the world, lived a life filled with glamour and fortune – but never before has she done this. With her baby bump, 30 weeks pregnant, Gale recreates Demi Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover. The first pictures on Sunday Night.

Sunday, April 6 on Channel Seven at 6.30pm.


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