Sunday Night April 27

Sunday Night April 27

Sunday Night pulls out it’s big guns agonist the Logies with Russell Crowe and My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge.

In the ANZAC spirit, special guest reporter Russell Crowe has an exclusive look at his new project, The Water Diviner – the story of an Australian father who goes to Turkey in search of his three sons who never returned from Gallipoli.

Then, Alex Cullen investigates the phenomenon of Sinkholes where across the world they have claimed cars, houses, whole streets and even people. They can happen without warning, anywhere, at any time.

Alex also goes behind-the-scenes at The Blues Festival in Byron Bay and meets some of legendary acts.

Plus, MKR judge Colin Fassnidge agreed to auction himself off to cook dinner at home for ten people to raise money for drought strickenfarmers but where he went and how much they paid, was very unexpected.

8 PM Sunday on Seven


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