Sunday Night April 26

Sunday Night April 26

This weekend Sunday Night has a story on Ivan Milat and a family that has a home on the road.


In a major, exhaustive investigation Sunday Night has discovered Ivan Milat’s bloody, brutal trail began well before the backpacker murder spree. We’ve uncovered a hitherto unknown Milat crime – his first secret victim. Our breakthrough is a stunning surprise to the cops most intimate with Milat’s appalling crimes. It’s a shock to the family of the victim. And it’s an absolute gut-wrenching revelation for the man who did the time for Milat’s crime. We’ve unearthed and amassed compelling evidence and assembled persuasive testimony – notably the first person account of his brother Boris – that this was Milat’s first and defining violent crime. Importantly it contained signatures evident in the backpacker killings. Incredibly, another man was convicted for this crime and in an incendiary chapter in this powerful program, Sunday Night finds and reveals to him that Australia’s most infamous serial killer was responsible. The question for authorities, the families of the slain backpackers and the general public is that if Ivan had been held accountable for this first chilling crime, would criminal history have played as devastatingly and tragically as it did. Gold Walkley Award recipient Steve Pennells reports this explosive story.



They don’t have bucket loads of money but the Cairns family consider themselves among the wealthiest Australians. Ten years ago they swapped their suburban lives for life on the road, on a bus. Mum, dad and 11 children all live and sleep on board and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The kids don’t go to regular schools, don’t have a fixed address and never stay in one place long enough to settle down. Guest reporter Kerri-Anne Kennerley finds the Cairns family deep in the outback and asks if all this freedom comes at a cost and if so, who’s paying?

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