Sunday Night April 1

Here’s what’s instore on Sunday Night this week.


It happened in an instant. Shanalee Hoad was juggling her three excited kids outside a dance class, when her four-year-old, Kya, ran off towards the road. His older brother, Calyn, took off after him. And, as Kya burst into the path of a 4WD, Calyn instinctively pushed him out of the way, taking the full impact of the car. Calyn was critically injured and doctors feared he wouldn’t make it. But he had a constant companion by his bedside every single day – his brother, Kya, who calls Calyn a “superhero”.  Calyn slowly recovered from his devastating injuries, but then tragedy struck again. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen, reports on this heroic little boy who almost died twice.



Weekend after weekend we see it happen, young people over-dosing and dying at music festivals around the country. LSD, MDMA, a smorgasbord of hard drugs readily available, but they’re not always what the dealers claim – and taking them is a game of Russian roulette. In this special investigation, Sunday Night goes inside the festivals and into a highly emotional debate. Should we be testing the drugs our kids consume? These tests are controversial and illegal. But, as Denham Hitchcock discovers, they can also save lives.



Major Ben Carlin is the most remarkable Australian adventurer you’ve probably never heard of. In 1946 and just out of the army, Ben Carlin decided to circumnavigate the world by land and sea – in a jeep.

Carlin modified the endearingly-named ‘Half-Safe’, attaching a boat hull and fitting it out with a bed, a radio, a few rudimentary navigational instruments and a tiny cooker before setting out on his crazy mission. The epic journey would consume more than 10 years of his life and ultimately drive Carlin mad. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Carlin’s bizarre adventure.

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