Subway Challenge sends Beck packing

Subway Challenge sends Beck packing

It’s freshest task yet, as our teams become guerrilla marketers for Australia’s largest take away chain, Subway. Our teams must develop and deliver guerrilla marketing campaigns to get the word out that Subway is everywhere. Team with largest audience reach will win $20K for their project manager’s charity. 

Lord Sugar decides a team swap is overdue – which could give the Turia the life line she needs to outlive Beck and Ronnie in the competition. Bronte and Darren join Team Collaborate, and Benji and Turia Team Innovate. 

With the new teams in place Bronte decides to tap into her marketing experience form Uni and nominates herself as project manager. But Beck and Ronnie are on a quest for self-preservation, and it seems they are doing everything in their power to undermine Bronte’s success as PM for this task. Meanwhile, old rivalries are sparked during a Today show cross, forcing Benji to delve into his black book to “out contact” Darren. 

Trying to go viral isn’t an easy thing – Innovate decide to stage a march, with marching band, through Pitt Street Mall, and while Collaborate have a celebrity eating contest. Only problem is…Darren’s contacts seem to have fallen through, with our celebs themselves and apprentice alumni Carla being the only ones to show. In addition to lack of celebs for a celebrity eating contest, location-manager Beck seems to have gone AWOL while shopping for Subway sandwiches, and with 10 minutes to go is nowhere to be seen. The winner of the task will be measured by reach of their message – and with Benji appearing on 9 News under the rouse of an interview about his new job, Collaborate annihilate this aspect of the task, with a reach of an estimated 1 million people. 

As our teams enter the board room the tension between the new Team Collaborate is palpable, and with Ronnie and Beck up to their same old tricks we are in for the most confrontational board room to date.

In the end after an incredibly tense boardroom Beck is fired as she didn’t contribute much to the task.


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