Studio Bathroom Secrets Revealed on The Block

It’s six days to go in the first week on The Block and our contestants continue to build their studio bathrooms.

The contestants are just getting used to being woken up every morning at 6am by the crew, some love it, some don’t.

Eliza and Liberty in House No.5 might not have any renovating experience, but they still want to make their parents proud. Their parents from Adelaide are a bit skeptical about the girls going on the show.

It’s the war of the curves in week one, with House No.1’s Kyle and Leslie and House No.2’s Leah and Ash both doing curved walls and trying to keep it a secret.

Leah has her first cry on The Block, after some minor drama on The Block.

Fan favourite Tom from Gisborne is back on The Block this year as the resident hi pages plumber. He meets all the contestants and they are pleased to see a familiar face.

All the contestants are getting used to Keith and Dan inspections, and with the flooring Steph and Gian struggle with lack of communication.

The first sign of an alliance on The Block. Kristy tells Leah she asked Steph how much her challenge bed was and where it was from, as apparently Steph refused to tell her. Leah is shocked. However is Kristy playing games? Footage is aired of Leah asking the question, and Steph giving her the answers.

Kristy claims there are two sides of Steph. One for the camera, and one away from the camera.

Most of our contestants make water proof Wednesday but Steph and Gian continue to struggle. They are very disheartened about the start of their Block journey, and already have problems with their builder Ryan.


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