Striking Snakes And Fears Faced as I’m A Celebrity kicks off

Striking Snakes And Fears Faced as I’m A Celebrity kicks off

from the very first challenge there were screams, tears and fear from the celebrities, laying the path for what was to come on I’m A Celebrity

After being greeted by Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris who revealed all three would be team captains, Jack Vidgen, Paulini Curuenavuli and Jess Eva heard the dulcet tones of a chopper in the distance.

Before you could scream ‘crikey’, Jack executed his jump first, paving the way for Paulini. Landing in the water, Paulini struggled to make her way back so Jack played the part of the hero and jumped in to help her to shore.

On Jess’ ascent the weather turned. Clearly petrified, there was a split second where panic got the better of her, but she jumped, landing without a hitch.

Faced with choosing teammates, Jack scored Soapy Songbird, Paulini stepped up to Golden Boy and Jess’ fave was Sassy Stand Up.

Grant Denyer, Toni Pearen and Mel Buttle then rocked up to their reservation at King Miguel’s Kitchen and shown to their seats.

With King Miguel himself overseeing the jungle restaurant, the celebs were tasked with answering food related questions. If answered correctly, the celebs were safe, but an incorrect answer meant food in the face, their life in the form of a cupcake being destroyed.

After some full-on face contact with food, Mel walked away the trial winner. Choosing their next teammates, Mel scored Ballsy Bloke, Toni chose Reality Chick and Grant’s new teammate was Hairy Bloke.

Next welcomed into the jungle for fun and games was Abbie Chatfield, Ash Williams and Travis Varcoe. Their stint at the bar took a turn for the worst when the helmet of horrificness was placed on their heads.

As they unlocked padlocks enclosing a precious star, snakes slithered around while jungle critters were poured into the helmets at regular intervals. Abbie was the first to finish with Ash the second, despite being bitten by a snake in   the process.

Back at camp, The Hungry Games was revealed. The team winners of daily trials score a hot meal, the second-place team would receive ingredients while the third-place team would receive diddily squat. Nada. Nothing.

With the celebs hitting the hay for their first night’s sleep, little did they know that tomorrow night, yet another celebrity would be joining them.