Strife Review

Strife Review

New on Binge today is their new Aussie original dramedy, Strife.

Strife begins with Evelyn Jones (Asher Keddie) hunched over her computer, preparing to write a story on the lessons she has learned from failure. However, the usual procrastination starts to set in.

You see, Evelyn has taken an almighty leap of faith and launched Australia’s first women’s website, ‘Eve Life’. The stakes are high as she navigates the breakdown of her relationship with Jon (Matt Day), and co-parenting her two teenage children, Alex (Darcy Tadich) and Addy (Willow Speers).

Evelyn needs Eve Life to work. With her is Editor Christine (Maria Angelico), sole male sales director Paul (Rhys Mitchell), and a team of writers that include Jeet (Oliva Junkeer) who is hungry to wite about the environment, millennial Opal (Bebe Bettencourt), and Penny (Bryony Skillington) who delivers great pitches that excite Evelyn. Together, they might be able to do it, but their road to success will come at a cost.

Head writer and showrunner Sarah Scheller delivers a script full of humour and the drama working in online media, using Mia Freedman’s Work Strife Balance as inspiration. Keddie is a delight to watch, and the entire ensemble, which also includes Lincoln Younes, Tina Bursill, and Emma Lung, all work really well together.

Strife is your next drama binge over the summer.

4 Stars

Strife is now available to stream on Binge.  


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