Strategy changes Survivor

Well, Survivor sure knows how to shake up the game after that episode last night.

After a night on Exile Beach with no food or shelter, Anneliese and Tara were down in the dumps as they came to terms with the events at Tribal Council. Having been given a second chance in the game, the duo vowed to give it their all and play hard to the end.


Over at Asaga, a divide in the tribe was beginning to emerge despite their immunity win the day before. Jacqui and Henry were ruling the roost as the new power couple but Luke, with Michelle and Jericho in his pocket, had other ideas.


As Asaga arrived at Exile Beach to see Jonathan flanked by Anneliese and Tara, they knew a tribe swap was imminent. Asaga were given a few minutes to unanimously agree on which two members would depart the group to join Samatau in lieu of Anneliese and Tara.


Sensing he was on the chopping block, Ben volunteered himself first. Then, in a move that shocked the entire tribe, Henry also put up his hand to depart. Taking the immunity idol with him, Jacqui was left reeling as her partner in crime left her to fend for herself.


Henry’s intentions became clear when he arrived at his new camp and turned on the charm. Samatau top dog A.K. was immediately suspicious of Henry’s motives for swapping tribes. Fearing that Henry may be able to break up his majority alliance of five, A.K. was determined to eliminate Henry first.


Meanwhile, Locky seized the opportunity to rebuild his numbers. Befriending Henry and Ben, Locky warned them that A.K. should not be trusted.


At Asaga, Anneliese and Tara got to work, making themselves useful around camp, learning the lay of the land and clarifying that after being dumped by their original tribe, they no longer had any allegiance to Samatau.


At the immunity challenge, the two tribes were pitted against each other in a fierce game of water football. Old tribemates went head-to-head and Samatau, now a powerhouse of brute strength, took out the challenge, sending Asaga back to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, the scrambling began. Anneliese and Tara were under no illusions that they were safe from the vote but when Luke approached them to take down Jacqui, they began to see the cracks appearing.


Sensing a target on her back, Jacqui began to put a self-preservation plan into action. Anneliese and Tara soon realised that Asaga were not the happy family they had implied.


When Jacqui saw Sarah talking to Jericho and Michelle on the beach, paranoia began to set in and she realised that Sarah could not be trusted. Jacqui, Kent and Odette strayed from their original plan to vote out Tara, deciding to target Sarah instead.


In a situation neither saw coming, Anneliese and Tara suddenly found themselves in a position of power. Both sides of the divided tribe needed their votes to pull off a blindside. Either way, they would be in the majority.


At Tribal Council, the exiled duo voted with their gut, which saw Jacqui become the eighth contestant sent home.