Steph rides back into Neighbours

Steph rides back into Neighbours

Get ready Neighbours fans, a much-loved favourite is back in town and fans are in for a treat  with a few surprising twists.

Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) is arguably one of the soap’s most popular characters, having been part of the show since 1999. Usually, the lovable, motorbike-riding girl next door, Steph’s character turned to the dark side when she was sent to jail in 2011 for running over Ringo Brown while riding her bike, killing him. In her last appearance in 2013, Steph suffered a mental breakdown and kidnapped Patrick, Lucas and Vanessa’s baby.

With such a dramatic exit, it was quite surprising for fans to  find out she would be back on Ramsay Street as a full-time character. But fans need not worry, the past has not been forgotten and will be addressed as Steph tries to get back to her old self

Steph made quite an entrance on Friday night, introducing herself to Tyler (Travis Burns). In her first episode back, viewers get to see Steph in her natural environment as she completes a trial at the garage. With Steph back in her element, it’s such a simple and effective way to re-introduce such a much-loved character to Neighbours.

Neighbours airs 6:30 pm Weeknights on Eleven.


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