Steamy one-on-one dates and departures

Steamy one-on-one dates and departures

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, drama from the ute muster continued to smoulder while romantic one-one-one dates revealed untapped chemistry. 

On their date at a local winery, Matt jumped straight in by asking 25-year-old executive assistant, Tara, a tough question: if everything goes well, how soon would she move to the farm? To Matt’s relief, Tara made it clear that moving to the farm wasn’t a concern for her. The pair took a walk along the vines and stopped for a kiss. “It’s a good kiss. I got those butterflies. It felt right,” smiled Tara.

Farmer Will was joined by 29-year-old veterinarian and avid horse rider, Caitlyn, on a horseback escape to the hills for a memorable date. An impressed Will announced, “she’s smart, beautiful, funny, loves horses, what else could you want?” Caitlyn opened up to Will, admitting that she hasn’t dated too much because it takes her a long time to be ready for another relationship after one has ended, which didn’t bother Will at all. “Caitlyn’s a wonderful, driven girl who knows exactly what she wants and our relationship has only gotten stronger from it,” he said. 

Andrew and 30-year-old social worker, Rachael, were enjoying a picnic before the mention of last night’s ute muster looked to derail the date. Andrew apologised to Rachael, saying he understood if she was now guarded. Rachael admitted that she’d been hurt in the past by being too forgiving, so now she won’t take any crap! 

Confident with his driving skills, Farmer Sam took 25-year-old personal trainer, Demi, on a ‘romantic’ go-kart date. Despite Sam putting up a good fight, Demi took the chequered flag. “Demi is my type of girl. I feel like she’s into the same things as I am,” explained Sam. “I feel like the conversation just flows.” The date ended with the pair sharing a passionate kiss.

Farmer Rob took 36-year-old event coordinator, Lucy, boating on the lake. Rob said: “Luce is a lovely girl. She’s good fun. She’s a good laugh and a calming influence which is a lovely quality in a person.”

With the dates done and dusted, the ladies met the locals and sampled country life in the lead-up to the farewell dinners. 

Unable to move past the night of the ute muster, Andrew asked Lucy to leave the farm. “I do leave the farm with a bit of heavy heart because conversations could have been had and communication could have been better,” said Lucy. “Everything could have been very, very different.” 

Farmer Rob farewelled 44-year-old retail assistant, Jodi, and 45-year-old forensic criminologist, Shannon, saying he is only interested in serious relationships at this point in his life. Farmer Sam farewelled 21-year-old customer service worker, Dayna, and Farmer Matt asked 24-year-old aged care nurse, KJ, to leave as he didn’t feel they had a strong enough connection.

Sensing she was sitting in friend zone with Farmer Will, Caitlyn decided to leave the farm.    


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